About Toxicology

Toxins originate from various sources: manufacturing, burning, waste production processing, etc. Most toxins are synthetic, man-made compounds that are found in our homes, drinking water, air and soil. Minimizing your intake of pollutants and reducing the body’s toxic load results in lower risk of dozens of diseases, increased energy levels, elimination of various symptoms and/or conditions, and an overall greater sense of health and wellness.

Dr. Brannigan’s method of Toxicology allows him to effectively FIND and safely REMOVE the toxins that are often the primary reasons for disturbed health. This is done using a form of accurate reflex testing through which Dr. Brannigan monitors a sequence of reflexes exhibited by the body in response to numerous stressor elements. This testing provides the information needed to create very specific homeopathic remedies, which target the release and removal of the patient’s unique toxic agent(s), as well as support their most distressed organs and tissues. This then unlocks the full power and potential of the body’s self-regulating function to promote and maintain optimum health.

The primary characteristics that make this toxicology approach superior to other methods you may encounter are:

  • Prioritization (The testing reveals the body’s highest priority needs each time)
  • Specific (Accurately identifies WHAT toxic agents are affecting WHICH specific organ/tissues!)
  • Safe (Proper support of organs, systems and elimination pathways)

Dr. Brannigan is one of only a handful of practitioners trained and certified in this method of Toxicology. He is the only practitioner in Northern California using this method.