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I have had chronic pain for over 20 years and have tried just about every treatment thrown at me.

There are not enough great things to say about the methods and results Dr. Brannigan has been able to achieve with not only my pain but many other things I didn't even realize were causing me to feel generally crappy.

If you are tired of traditional doctors filling you with medications or just throwing things at you to mask the issue, you need to RUN to Dr. Brannigan and get an appointment set right away.

I now call Dr. Brannigan for most things rather than going to traditional doctors who just keep pumping medications through our bodies.

"Dr. Brannigan has helped restore my health to a place of vitality with FCT when nothing else seemed to be helping. I first went to him with a long list of complaints both chronic and acute, including 10 months of inexplicable hip pain and over time he has been able to address and help each and every problem that was affecting me. Some things ease or completely disappear in a few days after completing an FCT regimen, other things take more time but I have come to rely on Dr. Brannigan's compassionate and professional care to help me through the process of reaching optimum health again. Within two months of my first treatment my hip pain disappeared completely and has never returned. I can't recommend him enough."