About The Dr.

My name is Dr. Daniel Brannigan, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) and I am the Health Care Director of Brannigan Health Center in Sacramento, California. I have practiced Functional Neurology/Medicine, since 2013. I am also the Chiropractor for the CARES Community Clinic in downtown Sacramento, CA.

I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2004 and have been in practice at the CARES Clinic since 2006. I have also been in private practice not only in Sacramento, but in Mendocino county as well since 2008. Aside from private practice I have also been successful in breaching the gap between the strained relationship of Chiropractors and Medical doctors and have been a guest speaker at UC Davis School of Medicine—Chronic pain department.

My mission is to restore hope by finding the underlying causes to your health challenges, and provide customized, natural and drug-free care to lead you on your path to optimal wellness.

My staff and I are dedicated to making your healthcare experience one of restoration, not just a handful of pills and a push out the door. Prior to coming to B—Integrated Health Center, the majority of people have “tried most everything”. Despite numerous visits to countless doctors, struggles with pharmaceutical side-effects and having spent thousands of dollars on care that has not produced adequate results, the search for answers continues for most individuals.

Through the use of my multi-layered evaluation and treatment approach, I am able to provide a unique insight and understanding into the underlying cause of your suffering, as well as provide innovative, safe and effective solutions. In getting to know your specific needs, we are able to customize treatment plans that better meet your present needs while anticipating those of your future, allowing us to be an integral part of your healthcare team.

At B—Integrated Health Center, we are committed to guiding you in your journey to optimal healing wellness. My desire is to work with people who want to invest in their health and take an active role in doing whatever it takes to get better. Are you that person? I will dedicate myself to your care and give my best to educate and guide you down the road to improved health and a happier future.